Timescape Concept

I began working on the concept for my videogame idea, Timescape, back in 2011 when the Nintendo Wii U was first revealed at E3. No joke. Somehow the reveal of that console, which ultimately failed to gain a large install base, somehow inspired me to work on my own RPG idea.

I worked hard at the idea of Timescape for over a year, coming up with the lore, history of the various races, locations, and characters. The idea was to pitch it to a company that I was writing story missions for. But in the end, the company never talked to me about the idea. Maybe they stole it and tried to use it for themselves. Who knows? But I decided to keep the idea and just hold onto it until the day I could finally produce it myself.

That day still hasn’t arrived, but at least for now I can show you, the viewer, what the idea was originally about. I have a longer trailer that talks about the game plot in more detail, and a shorter and more condensed trailer. And here they both are for your viewing pleasure!

Hope you enjoyed that! Head over to the comic book section now to see how the story of two high school kids leads into a battle for the fate of all of space and time itself!