Space Opera – Blockade Run

On their way to run a deadly blockade of the Synthetic Armada, the crew of the Pantheon is making final preparations for the deadly encounter. There’s only one problem; the ship may not have enough power to do the thing that’s been planned for. Will Captain Mike O’Hara make it out of this with his head in tact?

Space Opera is a scifi satire that features a cowardly Captain leading a mostly competent crew against the backdrop of a galaxy wide war. Originally created on GoAnimate in 2014, the first run of episodes explores the snarkier side of a starship crew fighting the good fight but having to put up with a horrible leader. Bad times for them, fun times for those watching them!

Written, Directed, and Animated by Alexander Trapp

Original Music by Melvyn Kalili

Sound Effects from

Captain Mike O’Hara and Commander Maleck voiced by Alexander Trapp

Chief Engineer Edward Gunner voiced by Marcel de Geus

Space Opera created at 2014, 2017