Space Opera Behind The Scenes

I originally created Space Opera in October of 2013. I’ve been a big fan of Star Trek my entire life and I wanted to create something like that in a satirical form. Up until that point, I had only been creating episodes of Emina, and while I was having a great time with that, I also knew that I wanted to create something different. With the Space Heroes theme available in GoAnimate/Vyond, I knew I would be able to make something that more or less matched my vision and what I wanted to make at the time.

Space Opera spanned 1 trailer and 4 short episodes that I called vignettes, because I originally planned to create a much larger series at the time. That didn’t end up happening at GoAnimate, but it will happen now that I’m working on creating the series in Muvizu.

Enjoy these videos that both give more info on the origins of Space Opera, as well as where the series is heading next!

Stay tuned for future updates on the series, and thank you for watching!